McDonalds vs Burger King – Whose Burger Is The Best?

When it comes to fast food, the McDonald vs Burger King rivalry has been going on for quite some time. The two corporations are among the biggest players in the game. Both of these fast food giants have been in business for over 50 years. The former generated 21.6 billion dollars in revenue last year while the latter only pulled in about 2.06 billion. Based on these numbers, some might be tempted to think that Mickey Dee’s is clearly winning here but it does not necessarily mean that they make a better burger. Let’s take a closer look.

We will start with McDonald’s in our hamburger showdown. An average burger from Mickey Dee’s weighs about 100g, has 9g of fat, 520g of salt and 31g of carbohydrates. It is made of 100% beef (or so they’re saying). In terms of preparation, they fry their burger over a flat grill for that interior home cooking taste. It comes with ketchup, mustard, pickle and onion and can be personalized to fit your taste.

In contrast, a Burger King hamburger is slightly heavier at 121g, contains 12g of total fat, 560g of salt, and 30g of carbohydrates. They also claim to use 100% beef in their kitchens. Burger King flame-broils theirs, passing on a taste of outdoor barbecue grilling that is very reminiscent of the summer season. BK’s burgers come fully dressed with ketchup, mustard and pickle, but their mantra is: “Have it your way!” so that you can remove some of the condiments and redesign the sandwich to your heart’s content. It costs slightly more than a McDonald’s hamburger.

Taking the size into account, the salt content and cost are about the same on both burgers. When it comes to nutritional value, there is hardly any difference between the two fast food giants as well.

So Who Produces The Better Burger McDonalds vs Burger King?

Based on our study so far, there seems to be hardly any difference between the two. They are almost comparable. Burger King comes out slightly ahead if you compare size (their whopper is larger than the McDonald’s hamburger) or if you are very health-conscious and are concerned with the nutritional value of the sandwich (Burger King’s hamburger has one less gram of carbohydrates in it).

Other than this, they appear to be comparable for the most part. The differences outside of how the sandwiches are prepared are very small. So, the answer to the question: “Who has the better hamburger?” comes down to personal taste. Ultimately, it’s all about how you like your burger. The good thing is, you can always have it your way.

McDonald’s vs Burger King: Which is Better?
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